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Soul2Soul Vibrational Healing Sound Session - Online
Soul2Soul Vibrational Healing Sound Session - Online

Soul2Soul Vibrational Healing Sound Session - Online

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Sound is an ancient healing modality that deeply resonates with and nourishes our physical, emotional and spiritual body, offering an integrated approach to wellness. 

In a virtual setting, although we are not physically in the same room, the healing frequencies of the instruments are received. We are vibrational beings that have the ability to tune into the remedial effects sound offers regardless of location.

You are invited to completely surrender to the vibrations and receive the potent restorative benefits of a range of sound healing instruments including but not limited to tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, drums and chimes. The sounds created in a session are intended to harmonise your cells to their optimal resonance.

I will tune into your energy field and intuitively select which instruments to use to create a unique experience tailored specifically for your soul and body's needs. 

Physical sensations felt of energy moving through the body during a session are common. Additionally, sound healing can­ have a profound effect on

  • release of repressed emotions + stagnant energy stored in the body
  • activating parasympathetic nervous system (reduces stress + anxiety, strengthens immune system)
  • heightened connection with your "higher-self" (strengthening your intuitive abilities and deeper awareness of subconscious thoughts)
  • enhanced memory recall

Your body and soul’s wisdom know what blockages are ready to be released to create subtle or much more noticeable shifts. Trust that anything that arises is for your highest good and is what’s necessary at that given moment.

Prior to your session I will send you information on how to best prepare your space at home to receive the most nourishing and immersive experience.

Once you've purchased your session a booking link will be sent to you.

Please note: multiple session packages are non-transferrable and are for one person to enjoy.