Selenite Charging Plate
Selenite Charging Plate
Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite Charging Plate

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Selenite charging plates are used to cleanse, clear energy and charge items placed on them with high vibrational energy. It's key uses are amplified for anything you place on them. If placing crystals on a charging plate, Selenite will also amplify the healing properties of other crystals. I personally place my KAKAO on a charging plate to amplify the spiritual properties of Cacao and my intentions whilst having a ceremony/meditation.

Chakra: Crown

Key Uses:

  • Anchor + activate light body
  • Clear energetic blockages
  • Cleanse aura and space 
  • Communicate with angelic realm
  • Soothe emotions and relax mind
  • Magnify energy of other crystals 

Note - Selenite is naturally brittle, please be gentle with it. Do not cleanse Selenite in water.

All crystals are carefully hand picked, cleansed with the vibration from sound healing instruments and charged with lunar energy.

Approx size: L 15cm, W 8.5cm. Approx weight: 350g