Private Group Sound Bath Meditation
Private Group Sound Bath Meditation

Private Group Sound Bath Meditation

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Whether you regularly attend sound bath's with others or would like to do something different with your selected crew, this service allows you to book in a private session at a date and time that suits your schedules.

This is a beautiful and powerful way to energetically connect with a partner, friends, family, colleagues or other loved ones. Both strengthening and elevating the group dynamic by receiving a sound healing together.

We organise various activities with others on a daily basis, what a difference could we make to the wellbeing of our community if joining one another for meditation became as common as going for brunch, a drink at the pub or a gig? This isn't to replace any of those activities but a desire to make sound baths the norm alongside them.

What to expect?

We’ll commence the session with some simple breathing techniques to soften your mind and body into a calmer, more conscious and receptive state before sinking into your yoga mat to receive the powerful healing frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls, planetary gongs, chimes and other instruments.

The vibrations from sound healing instruments are known to assist the body in restoring itself to its inherent harmonic state. Sound baths are an opportunity for you to unplug, relax and immerse yourself in a deeply meditative journey. 

A welcoming, cosy and safe space will be created for you to completely surrender to the experience and allow the sounds to take you wherever your mind, body and soul desires. 

Whether this is your first time or meditation is part of your daily practice, absolutely everybody is welcome to enjoy and receive the healing power of sound.


Some benefits of sound meditation…

• Promotes deep relaxation

• Increases mental clarity and focus

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Enhances creativity

• Improves memory

• Heightens intuition

• Boosts mood

• Reduces tension related pain

• Enhances self-awareness

• Improves sleep


I look forward to facilitating a soothing sonic experience for you and yours to unwind and allow the instruments to stimulate what's most needed by your mind and body in that moment.

Sessions take place in Kensington, Vic. Once you've completed your purchase I'll be in touch to lock in our session time. If you have any questions prior to booking, please reach out.