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Harmonize: 8 Week Sound Journey

Harmonize: 8 Week Sound Journey

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Harmonize is an in person, one on one experience for people that are ready to release all the tension and stress build-up of the past several months, as well as taking it a step further in cultivating a clear communication channel between you and your soul.

My intention with offering an 8 week "spaceship" is to be by your side as you navigate the depths of your soul and discover what’s truly possible with a consistent practice. This is an opportunity to deep dive into your subconscious, flip the script and re-write any stories that are ready to be renewed with my support along the way.

We are energetic beings, the frequencies transmitted from the instruments alongside our energies coming together form a unique, sacred and safe space for you to explore what’s there to be transmuted.

Dedicating time regularly to tune into your inner world, is when radical positive shifts can take place. Sound is an ancient healing modality that deeply resonates with and nourishes our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Beyond what our senses can detect, there is profound transformation taking place each time you lay down to receive.

If you’ve experienced a sound journey you’d understand how time bends, collapses and expands. When your consciousness is in a dreamlike state, the messages that come to you are divine in nature. Your intuition sprinkles truths like stardust, sometimes so fine, when you're going about your day filled with to-do’s and distractions it can go unnoticed.

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about sharing the work I do is because I know from first hand experience that as you continue to access higher states of awareness in meditation, it overflows and remains active in daily life interactions and decisions.

After a session you may be wondering what all the thoughts or visions may mean that popped into your mind and my role, in addition to facilitating sound journey's is to offer you tools that will guide you in the right direction for unravelling what your intuition and body may be communicating with you. Without deciphering and integrating the wisdom that your soul shares means you may find that you have profound realisations or significant clues given to you during meditation but don’t do much with it after the fact. Wisdom without execution is meaningless.

All you need is within you, if you’re reading this, I may just be one of the soul’s that’s meant to reflect some things back to you in order for you to hear what you already know ;)

If you know there are energetic blocks holding you back from manifesting changes you want to see in your life and are serious about living a reality that reflects your soul's true desires, it might be time to give the blocks a blast into outer space!


What's included in the voyage together?

  • 8 x 90 minute vibrational healing sound sessions 
    *10-15 mins intention setting + connecting with one another.
    *1 hour sound journey where I connect with your energy field and
    play a unique soundscape tailored specifically for your soul and body's needs. This can include the playing of instruments on the body, this will be discussed prior to commencement to ensure there is consent.

    *10-15mins sharing + closing of the space.
    These sessions will run weekly at a time of your choosing.
  • Based on what comes through during each session I will offer journaling prompts and anything else that I intuitively feel may assist you in continuing to explore your inner world in your own time in between our sessions. 

Our souls coming together is unlike the next person, therefore there is no point in me reeling off a list of inclusions as the experience will be personalised. If we're meant to vibe together, what's important to know is that the guidance and tools I offer will be based on what I feel will best support YOU with where you're at.

This is for you if you want to…

  • Develop a consistent meditation practice
  • Strengthen and form deeper trust in your intuitive abilities
  • Distinguish between soul vs ego communicating with you
  • Act on the intuitive messages you receive
  • Shift some ish that isn't serving you

Some benefits of sound and what to expect… 

Physical sensations felt of energy moving through the body, feeling heavy and your temperature dropping during a session are all very common occurrences.

Additionally, sound healing can­ have a profound effect on

  • Releasing repressed emotions + stagnant energy stored in the body
  • Activating parasympathetic nervous system (reduces stress + anxiety, strengthens immune system)
  • Heightening connection with your "higher-self" (strengthening your intuitive abilities and deeper awareness of subconscious thoughts)
  • Increasing mental clarity, focus + memory recall
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Reducing tension related pain
  • Improving sleep

Your body and soul’s wisdom know what blockages are ready to be released to create subtle or much more noticeable shifts. Trust that anything that arises is for your highest good and is what’s necessary at that given moment. I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Three spots are open, commencing from November. Sessions take place in Kensington, Vic. Once you've completed your purchase I'll be in touch to lock in our session times. If you have any questions prior to booking, please reach out.