Cur(e)ated: A Breathwork Journey - Online

Cur(e)ated: A Breathwork Journey - Online

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Breathwork x Energy Healing x Music

The merging of breathwork, connecting with your energy field, and the use of a themed playlist is designed to activate the frequencies of a specific subject matter for you to take an introspective journey.

The energetics of our souls coming together is a divine collaboration within itself and will be the backbone for the meditative experience you’ll embark on.

This experience is open to anyone that feels music deeply and would love to have a breathwork journey tailored for a specific theme.


Current selection to choose from:

  • Celestial
  • Harmony
  • Desire
  • Mystery
  • Reciprocity
  • Fertility
  • Purity
  • Empowerment


You may have been pondering said theme for a while and want to delve deeper, you may be intrigued by a certain topic, or your logical mind may just want to know that there will be some structure* to where the breathwork journey may take you.


What to expect during a session:

  • 10-15 mins connecting (share your intention and anything else that’s on your heart)
  • 45ish mins breathwork practice
  • 10 mins sharing + closing of the space
  • (Optional: If you would like to combine KAKAO with this practice, please allow 30-45mins prior to our call to prepare and drink. Written instructions will be sent for how you can make the most of this time)


*Although there is a set theme for the journey. Your intuition will guide your thoughts to exactly what is needing attention in that moment. Keep an open mind, the experience is as expansive as you allow it to be.


Benefits of breathwork: 

  • release of repressed emotions + unwanted energy stored in the body (includes physical, mental and emotional blocks)
  • aids in self-development
  • activates parasympathetic nervous system (reduces stress + anxiety, strengthens immune system)
  • heightened connection with your "higher-self" (strengthening your intuitive abilities and deeper awareness of subconscious thoughts)


Prior to your session I will send you a short questionnaire and information on how to best prepare yourself and space at home to receive the most nourishing experience.

Sessions take place via ZOOM (you must have working video) and will run for 75 minutes. 

*I’m currently in the process of completing my 200 hours of practicing Integrative Energy Healing as taught by Millana Snow. During this period, I will be offering the discounted rate for sessions. I work across all time zones, if you would like to discuss availability prior to completing your order please get in touch.