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Hey, I’m Aydin, the founder of Rhythm Infused. I facilitate experiences + offer tools to activate vibrational healing within you. 

I’ve always had a powerful connection to music from a very young age and although over the years I found myself working within the music industry across different functions I was unfulfilled in a corporate career and knew I was yet to discover what my calling was within the realm of auditory senses. 

Growing up I was a highly intuitive and sensitive child, not necessarily traits that were celebrated back then! I didn’t feel comfortable or safe expressing my unique ways of experiencing the world with others which ultimately resulted in me shutting down the parts of me that were my gifts and guiding force in life. As I reached my late teens, I started to lose connection to my true self and the habits that supported my spiritual growth.

After I experienced my first sound bath back in 2017, I immediately fell in love with the modality. With other forms of meditation, I often found it difficult to “switch off”, sound meditation assisted me in reaching deep meditative states by simply allowing the sounds to take me on a journey. Soon after, I enrolled into a sound healing course out of curiosity and a hunger to learn more. On day one of my studies, it was clear I’d found the new route I was destined to take and have been learning ever since.

In 2018, I also began practicing Breathwork and receiving energy healing from Millana Snow, after my first session was when I’d received the intuitive nudge that I needed to leave my job and begin to put more energy towards Rhythm Infused. I resigned the next day without another role and a mortgage, a risky move some might say. Yet, I trusted my intuition more than my fear, it was what needed to be done to create space for better things to come. Since then, I’d practiced Breathwork sporadically. Upon reflection, I can see I wasn’t quite ready for the powerful upgrades that this work was inviting me into at the time. As always…people, practices and opportunities return into your life when they’re supposed to (if they’re supposed to). In April 2021, I began training with Millana to offer this modality forwards to my community.

Throughout all the changes what has remained a constant is my connection with the plant medicine KAKAO, it’s been a part of my spiritual practice for years and has expanded my heart in ways I didn’t think was possible. Building ritual and a meditation practice with the use of ceremonial-grade Cacao has completely transformed my life as it’s in these moments of pause and deep contemplation that hearing my inner voice and spirit team come through loud and clear. Outside of meditation, acting on the guidance I receive is how I become more and more my true self with each day passing. In addition to having a deep connection with this plant ally for personal use, I’m super proud to be a part of the KAKAO team, a non-profit on a mission to protect the native Peruvian Chuncho Cacao strain, support the communities which we source from, and offer this plant medicine in it's purest essence to those that are called to parter with this gift from Mama Earth.

Sound meditation alongside other facets of my spiritual practice have played a pivotal role in enriching all areas of my life; supporting my mental and physical wellbeing, and deepening my connection to my higher self.

My purpose is facilitate self-healing and a shift in consciousness within the beautiful souls that find themselves drawn to the practices and tools that I offer. I’m honoured to be able to serve the community in this way.

Look forward to vibin’ with you!

Aydin x



Formal qualifications

Integrative Energy Healing (Millana Snow) - in the process of completing 200hr training

Master Gong Practitioner (Mehtab Benton)

Level 1 – Foundations of Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy)

Planetary Sound Healer (Mehtab Benton)

Gong Yoga Nidra (Mehtab Benton)

Intro to Sound Healing (Lama Tendar – Medicine Buddha Healing Centre)