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About Us

Rhythm Infused

Rhythm Infused was born in 2018 after a number of synchronicities occurred and made it very clear that sound meditation, crystals, harnessing moon + planetary energy, and ceremonial cacao needed a collective realm to play together. 

Everything in the universe is a vibration, including us. Rhythm Infused is here to transmit a frequency that encourages you to relax; deeply connect to your heart, inner guidance and natures wisdom; self-heal your mind and body; and turn everyday moments into opportunities to tune in, ultimately raising your vibration.

Sound has been used for thousands of years across numerous cultures as a tool for healing, meditation and connection. The frequencies omitted from sound healing instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, drums and tuning forks work on an energetic level to evoke a harmonious state of being. We all operate at a unique resonant frequency and therefore how each sound effects each individual will vary. All our sound offerings are held in a loving, welcoming and safe environment, we encourage you to explore the bliss, release and raised awareness that’s cultivated from regularly journeying with sound.

Crystals can be used to enhance your meditation practice and activate positive shifts in energy. All the crystals found on our site and used at gatherings have been hand selected, cleansed, and charged with sound healing instruments and lunar energy to ensure their healing properties are maximised when in your presence.

Ceremonial cacao is a gentle plant medicine which assists in: opening the heart space; expanding your connection to self and others; releasing stuck energy or negative emotions in the body; and reaching a deeper level of meditationThe loving spirit of cacao when dancing in unison with sound healing creates a space for the mind, body and soul to attune to a more clear, connected and rejuvenated state of being. Check out upcoming gatherings and services if you’re interested in working with cacao. 

Moon phases + planetary energy is infused within all offerings and products. Follow our journey on Instagram to get a feel for how this plays out in the day to day.


Hey, I’m Aydin, a Master Gong Practitioner and the human behind Rhythm Infused.

I’ve always had a powerful connection to music from a very young age and although over the years I found myself working within the music industry across different functions I was unfulfilled in a corporate career and knew I was yet to discover what my calling was within the realm of auditory senses. 

Growing up I was deeply interested in astrology and learning about spirituality however as I reached my late teens I started to lose connection to my true self and the habits that supported my spiritual growth. The re-emergence and combination of all above-mentioned interests began to fall back into place as I continued on my self-growth path that eventually resulted in a complete change in life direction and the formation of Rhythm Infused.

After I experienced my first sound bath I immediately fell in love with the modality. With other forms of meditation, I often found it difficult to “switch off”, sound meditation assisted me in reaching deep meditative states by simply allowing the sounds to take me on a journey. Soon after, I enrolled into a sound healing course out of curiosity and a hunger to learn more. On day one of my studies it was clear I’d found the new route I was destined to take and have been learning ever since.

Sound meditation alongside other facets of my spiritual practice have played a pivotal role in enriching all areas of my life including my mental and physical wellbeing; as well as deepening my connection to my higher self.

My purpose is to use the power of sound to facilitate self-healing and a shift in consciousness within the beautiful souls that find themselves drawn to the practices that I offer. I’m honoured to be able to serve the community in this way.

Look forward to vibin’ with you!


Formal qualifications

Master Gong Practitioner (Mehtab Benton)

Level 1 – Foundations of Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy)

Planetary Sound Healer (Mehtab Benton)

Gong Yoga Nidra (Mehtab Benton)

Intro to Sound Healing (Lama Tendar – Medicine Buddha Healing Centre)