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Energy Healing & Breathwork Session – Online

Energy Healing & Breathwork Session – Online

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This virtual healing session uses the power of breathwork and connecting with your energy field to shift stagnant energy.


I will work through your main 7 chakras as you lay down for a guided meditation which incorporates holotropic breathing for the majority of the session.


Benefits of this modality include:

  • release of repressed emotions + unwanted energy stored in the body (includes physical, mental and emotional blocks)
  • aids in self-development
  • activates parasympathetic nervous system (reduces stress + anxiety, strengthens immune system)
  • heightened connection with your "higher-self" (strengthening your intuitive abilities and deeper awareness of subconscious thoughts)


Prior to your session I will send you a short questionnaire and information on how to best prepare your yourself and space at home to receive the most nourishing experience.

Sessions take place via ZOOM (you must have working video) and will run for 60-75 minutes. 

*I’m currently in the process of completing my 200 hours of practicing Integrative Energy Healing as taught by Millana Snow. For the month of June I will be offering this service as a donation amount of your choosing with 100% of the funds being paid directly to Pay The Rent (a grassroots program run with a focus on protecting First Nations rights, and practical support to First Nations people of Victoria). To secure your booking please email me a receipt of your contribution to rhythminfused@gmail.com. I work across all time zones, if you would like to discuss availability prior to making your payment please get in touch.