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A snapshot of Rhythm Infused’s workspace when I’m not in front of instruments.

Crystals, KAKAO and a reminder to check with whether anything that may come up in my day is worth giving any fks about. By no means in a careless way, if you even remotely know me, you’ll know I care too much. Hence the sign…everyday it’s a practice to only focus and put my energy towards what truly matters.

It’s been a hectic start to the year and a heavy couple of weeks for me. As I’ve ridden the waves of every emotion under the sun what’s gotten me through it are my daily practices. Dropping in with KAKAO, journalling, sound meditation, crystals, conversations with loved ones, Hip Hop, reading, loads of crying, ridic memes, fresh air and planting my feet on the earth.

It’s why I feel so passionate about my work, the offerings I share are what have completely transformed my life. Not overnight, with consistency. This week I got to connect with some new and familar faces at new moon ceremonies I was hosting and I can’t put into words how lit up that makes me feel. To see people loving themselves enough to take that time out, brave enough to be with their own thoughts, open enough to try a new practice, committed enough to continue with their practice, intuitive enough to know that these practices are what create major shifts in their life for the better if they continue to show up for themselves.

I love and appreciate every single soul that I connect with through this work, they are earth angels that remind me on the daily why I do what I do. It’s not always easy for me to articulate the power of the invisible, the energetic shifts from the vibrations of the gong, the spirit of cacao swirling in a cup, the frequency in a crystal, the intention, love and energetic preparation that goes into every session. I’m well aware a lot of this goes over the heads of the general population and for that I need to give zero fks to not lose focus on what truly matters. Sharing ways I tap in with my truth in hopes that it inspires you to find ways in which you can connect with yours. 💫