After my KAKAO infused hike at Lake Elizabeth, I sat to take in my surroundings and journal (one of my favourite ways to receive guidance). Sometimes what comes through I feel needs to be shared in the hopes that it benefits another, reflects a thought in them they too may be feeling - sparking their own self enquiry.

A lot of the time what I write jumps from one thing to another and isn't written in a 'perfect' way so I don't bother posting because it may not make sense.

Today I decided that it doesn't really matter, take what resonates, leave the rest. If one person gets something out of it, great. If they don't, so be it. I'm still gonna sleep easy tonight.

If you currently don't hear your soul speak. I hope this inspires you to check the mic.


I’d forgotten how beautiful Victoria is, or maybe I purposely forgot to look. Turning a blind eye to her beauty in search of something else. What exactly, I don’t know. In search of nothing and everything. The truth of the matter is, anything I’m searching for is nestled within myself. Waiting to be tapped into, awakened, remembered.

There isn’t anything outside of us that’ll ever make us feel complete. No place, person or status. We’re complete all along. Every lifetime, forgetting what we learnt in the one prior, restarting with a slight head start yet still have a case of amnesia. It’s all a game we signed up for when coming back, we can choose to co-create or complain. I choose co-creation. 

Senses heightened, in this meditative state, the pen takes over. I’m no more special than you. We all have these gifts waiting in the stillness of the mind. Meditation doesn’t need to equate to stillness of the body. Stillness of the mind doesn’t mean no thought (impossible!) Stillness of the mind is the pause of the ‘monkey mind/ego’ for long enough to hear the voice of your soul, the infinite wisdom keeper within. At your service 24/7, 365.

Soul has the answers for everything. The more you listen, the closer the bond gets, from having to try to tune in, you get to a place of instant connection, similar to picking up the phone and calling a friend.

You can speak out loud, write, draw – communicate however you wish. Don’t overthink what it should look or sound like.

You’ll know when it’s soul speaking, soul is always gentle, kind, the essence of love. Soul will never put you down.

Soul is encouraging, playful and wise.

Soul is the one that reminds you, you can do anything, you’re beautiful, you’re worthy of all your dreams coming true, that there’s more to life than the ‘rise + grind’.

Soul is the one that whispers to pause and savour every bite of your meal, to stop and take notice of your surroundings on your commute, to peel your eyes away from a screen and connect with the person in front of you, to play that song that puts you in the best mood, to text your friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, to listen intently when somebody is speaking to you, to take a take a detour, go somewhere new or sign up to a class you’ve been getting prods to try.

Soul has been speaking to you your whole life.

Soul can invite you to do some wild, unexpected, crazy, surprising, illogical kinda shit too.

If the unimaginable things soul is guiding you to are a little too much to fathom, start with the minor, day-to-day, manageable nudges soul gives.

Soul will take over the steering wheel in no time. Until then…you’re exactly where you need to be.