Nibiru aka Planet ✖️

I’d initially decided my 2nd gong was going to be Jupiter – planetary gong additions don’t happen with the mind. Their energy draws you in (or in some cases they find their way to you when you need it most – I was gifted Mars twice for multiple months last year, that was no mistake 🔥).

The energy you’re meant to be working with, growing through + in turn offering to others in a way that best serves them has a way of weaving its way into the soundscape.

Jupiter felt good, planet of expansion, trust + abundance…it’d complement Neptune well, easy choice! What I didn’t realise is that this choice was still partly coming from my mind + setting limits on the level of expansion I was calling in. Why? Cos other reasons Jupiter felt like a good choice was that it was smaller, easier to travel with, less of an investment.

Do you notice yourself ever doing this? Putting caps on how much goodness you let in? All our actions and thoughts emit a vibration that’s either raising us up or keeping us stuck in a loop. These loops show up in all areas of our life in various scenarios until we break that cycle of thought. Everything is connected and this loop in particular I was ready to send to the grave 😹

Contemplation time…did I want to expand in baby steps or dive off a cliff?

If you know me, you know there wasn’t really a question. If my gut says go, I jump, the free falling is oftentimes terrifying, one thing is for certain, the water will always catch me. 💙

The kind of expansion I’m calling in for myself + others can’t be measured, it’s so far out there, it requires a deep trust in the invisible. When the whole world might be telling you otherwise will you listen to your intuition or the noise of others fears and options projected onto you?

That’s when the universe handed me Nibiru on a nickel silver platter. A planet some deny the existence of, that’s the level of trust this gong calls forward. Do you believe in your greatness to that extent? When you can’t prove that there’s more to life than what meets the eye do you still believe there’s more at play? When other’s might be complaining the world is going to shit do you believe that we can turn humanity around? Do you believe the wisdom within you goes beyond time + space reality? Do you believe your soul is infinite? Do you believe that when you are in alignment with your heart’s calling you can co-create A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G with the universe? 

Nibiru represents evolution, facilitates quantum leaps in consciousness to help us align with our soul’s journey, shatters limiting beliefs, connects us to our roots + restores imbalance. Some believe Nibiru is the feminine aspect of the sun, a representation of yin consciousness. I’m not oblivious to all the destruction, corruption + fear in the world, as a collective that’s what’s currently louder. It’s louder until it isn’t no more. What vibration do you want to play at?

I’ll be playing at the vibration of Nibiru. 🙃 Grateful to be able to incorporate more of this energy into my life + infusing it into all of my offerings. 🙏🏽