Back in Sep ‘18, I had my first ever group energy healing session with Millana Snow. Prior to experiencing, I was a bit skeptical whether I’d feel it’s impact like I would in person. I quickly realised not only did it not matter we weren’t in the same room, when I’d miss live calls + catch replays, even those were transformative.

During each session, becoming more aware of all the ways my body would communicate what needed to change both physically + emotionally. Highlighting what needed attention, what needed to be let go and so forth.

I was part of this amazing community Millana created for a year and it helped me on my path immensely, then life got busy with other commitments, I stopped knowing we’d reconnect when the time was right.

Fast forward to now + I’m super excited to be embarking on Integrative Energy Healing course with this queen during April.

In order to hold space for others we must be willing to continually look at our own bs, smash the ceilings holding us back, evolve + serve from an embodied place.

If you’re the wellness field, the inner work, building of skills + knowledge is not only never-ending, it’s necessary. To safely create spaces for others to dive into their inner world, you need to be able to go there yourself first, repeatedly.

If you’re not working in these fields but enjoy attending such practices, be discerning when choosing who you do it with. There are so many people out there that claim to be “xyz” after attending a weekend course, have done fk all inner work + worst case scenario have no clue what they’re doing. This is a reminder to listen to your gut when choosing what you attend and with who.

If you’re looking for an energy healer that’s the REAL DEAL I can’t recommend Millana enough, I had a private sesh with her a few weeks ago + it was POWERFUL. The combination of breath work, her ability to tap into your energy field + find where in the body there’s blockages, together…releasing what’s there, is transformational. Check out her page, if you resonate with her, I assure you, you will feel the positive effects of her work whether it’s group sessions or 1 on 1!

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