Venus goes retrograde every 18 months and is currently moving through its 2020 RX from 13 May – 25 Jun.

Before I touch the current transit…take some time to reflect on what was happening in your life towards the end of 2018 (last Venus RX 5 Oct – 17 Nov). Journey back in your mind, journal, if you’re struggling to recall, look back on photos or other time stamps you have that may jog your memory.

What patterns from 18 months ago are still lingering that may not be in integrity with your higher self? Reflect on everything that’s happened since…what’s changed, how have you grown? Celebrate the closing of the cycle by acknowledging all that’s transpired specifically in regards to relationships (incl. yourself, friends, lovers, colleagues, family).

Venus in Gemini is highlighting the need for speaking our truth, written and verbal expression + all forms of communication (including with self). Our conversations, thoughts + words are either supporting what rings true in our hearts or pulling us out of alignment.

What do you want you’re not being clear about? Where in your life are you holding back? What parts of yourself are you afraid to express and why? If you’re comfortable being yourself fully around certain people and not others, what is this highlighting and how can you move towards changing that?

The next 6 weeks is a powerful time to check in with these questions, notice what events arise around the themes of relationships and expressing your truth. You’ll no doubt have situations where you will not respond from your heart space. Take these reactions as opportunities to reflect on why you don’t feel safe to share from a more vulnerable space.

This period can offer many golden opportunities to express yourself authentically (or learn lessons from when you don’t). Bear in mind recurring lessons of the same nature that are ignored tend to amplify until you take notice, especially during retrogrades. The amplification can just as easily divert to displaying all the ways in which how you communicate is serving your growth. What’s amplified during this time in entirely up to you.


Image cred: @higherdose