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This planetary gong you see when you come to one of my sessions has a story.

It’s the story of Nibiru, who some believe is a “hypothetical” planet. That in itself gives some insight into the power of said gong. How much trust can you place on the invisible.

Gut feelings…invisible.
A hunch…invisible.
Butterflies in the stomach…invisible.
Then there’s angels, souls that have crossed over, God, spirits of the animal + plant kingdoms, the vibe you pick up from another when you’re in their presense which helps you determine whether they’re somebody you want associate with or not….for most people, all of these examples are invisible too.

No matter how proof based your mindset can get, chances are that you believe in the existance of at least one of the things at least some of the time. Chucked wifi in there for the hardcore non-believers to be sure 😜

One of my missions in life, which is reflected in all Rhythm Infused represents is to create the space for people to learn how to trust their intuition more than anything else on the planet. I believe when more of us are able to receive, trust + act on our intution, the micro decisions made from that level of awareness result in more harmony within, more harmony with others and more harmony across the globe as this energy infiltrates into everything that we do. How we nurture our relationships, how we raise our children, how we circulate our dollars and it goes on and on.

Nibiru represents a mid point. When I think about that in terms of our bodies, she takes us to our centre, the heart.

From my heart to yours, all I want is for more people feel safe to reside here 💚

When we get caught up in all that gets us out of harmony…past or present hurts, illness, stress + anxiety, my wish is that we can return back to a place of balance quicker and easier every time.

My desire is that we can all live in the heart space, living out our unique soul truths more often than not. The wellbeing of our mind + body depends on it.

I have something special coming up that will be using the power of Nibiru in all her glory alongside me, obviously 🙃

Landing soon…HARMONIZE ♾