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Once upon a time I use to curate playlists for MTV + my main objective when doing so was to spark a feeling. Whether the theme was nostalgia, feel good, love, road tripping, break ups or cosying up at home. The purpose was to tell a story with music, each listener going on a different journey depending on what feelings arose with specific songs and lyrics. For some it may have brought back memories + for others a song discovery that led to a new favourite track.
My love affair with sound continues to grow + earlier this year I had the idea to start curating themed playlists for the monthly energetic blessings of KAKAO. If you’re not familiar with KAKAO, you can read more about her at flykakao.com
Each month I receive lovely messages from the community sharing their experience with playlists & it warms my heart to know that the music is doing exactly what I intended. Deepening people's practices and offering an alternative way for intuition to be heard with the assistance of music. Although KAKAO has channeled energetic blessings each month based on what is felt would benefit the community, this doesn’t at all mean that once that month is over the theme is obsolete.
The KAKAO energetic blessings are sacred and should be treated as such. I encourage people to re-visit the themes repeatedly because it’s with repetition that we continue to uncover the deeper healing and breakthroughs needed to continue to evolve.

In a world that's obsessed with consuming goods and information at speeds that don't allow for appreciation, digestion and embodiment. I'm desiring to create offerings that encourage you to pause and reflect. This is where the real lasting shifts happen.
During a recent meditation of mine an idea popped into my mind, “offer curated breathwork experiences”, I immediately knew it was soul nudging me, people need this!
This experience is open to anyone that feels music deeply and would love to have a breathwork journey tailored for a specific theme.

Check out the services page on the website for current themes + further details about Cur(e)ated: A Breathwork Journey 🎶