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Can you distinguish between your soul and ego inner voice?

Soul speaking is your truths.

Ego speaking is the inner critic.

Soul speaking is always guiding you along the path that brings you the most fulfilment, joy, purpose and pleasure.

Ego speaking is having you go around in circles.

Soul speaking is rooted in wisdom.

Ego speaking is rooted in fear.

They can get so intertwined that sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s what. At the end of the day, the ego’s job is to keep us safe. It’s the part of us that dismisses projects, people, ideas before giving them a chance in order to avoid failure or rejection. I’m too familiar with this one. Getting super excited about something and then when that mind chatter (aka ego) starts, the excitement dwindles, I start to think that something is too unrealistic, too hard, too good to be true etc etc and that spark that was my soul guiding me dwindles.

This is so common and it stops us from taking chances and actions that are ultimately leading us to living a life that we came here to live. It can be the most micro moments but these micro moments add up and result in us being misaligned within ourselves.

It’s a lifelong process of fine tuning, like anything, it’s with consistency that the soul voice gets more apparent and the ego voice (which will always be there) doesn’t run the show.

The HARMONIZE journey will be diving into getting familiar with your soul and ego voices.

Are you ready to hear your truths? Are you ready to come back to a space of harmony within, repeatedly and consistenty until that is your default state?

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📷 one of the ways I feel harmonious. Thankfully sound healing instruments simulate this feeling 🌊