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If you’re about that wellness life there is no doubt you’ve come across Cacao. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to try Cacao yet, or you’ve attended a couple events and still unsure as to what makes Cacao that’s used at ceremonies and in meditation ‘special’, how is it different to Cacao from a health food store? 

There’s plenty of Cacao to be found out there, many brands claim to be ceremonial or use less than satisfactory Cacao in ceremonial settings. Always, use your own discretion when shopping around.

When I refer to ceremonial grade Cacao I’m talking about the one and only – KAKAO. What I’ve been using in my personal meditation and gatherings I hold from day dot, no exceptions made under any circumstances.

Why? Let me break it down.

Over the years as chocolate consumption has grown exponentially, native strains of the cacao plant have been modified to produce quicker turnaround and larger harvests. Seeds have ended up across the globe grown in countries that aren’t native to that plant species, and the medicinal qualities of Cacao have been significantly diluted or even lost along the way.

Finding native strain varieties are extremely hard to come by and this is what true ceremonial grade Cacao is. It’s a native strain, grown on its native land, protected by its native people. The sunshine and rain pours down nourishing the soil, feeding its roots where it originated. Honouring this process is what ensures the true sacredness of Cacao is preserved.

The essence of what the spirit of Cacao represents permeates all of KAKAO’s operations.

When you drink a cup of KAKAO know that:

  • Native strain Peruvian Chuncho cacao is sourced sustainably and over fair-trade prices
  • 100% of profits are to be circulated back to the farmers and community in support of saving the native Chuncho strain
  • Every batch of Cacao is blessed with a specific intention to serve the collective (batch blessings can be found here)
  • Before every new batch is live on the store, a sound healing takes place in honour of the spirit of Cacao with the intention of infusing the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of this magical elixir into every soul it reaches.

If you’re called to journey with this liquid treasure you can buy and learn more about KAKAO here.