As I sat to begin my meditation, the light of the crescent moon caught my attention from the corner of my eye. Instantly I was connected to my roots, teleported.

What I thought was going to be me sipping on my KAKAO whilst listening to a guided meditation turned into music on full blast as I let my body move how it wanted to without a care in the world. Just like that I was taken to another world…sweet sounds of the Ney, Sufi meditation music, percussion to get the belly dancing, all of it.

Is there anything that connects us closer to the divine than sound? For my soul, the answer is no. Whether it’s the euphoric experience of a live concert, DJ playing banger after banger, listening to your favourite album, mantras, call to prayer, instrumentals, icaros, songlines, lyrics that touch your soul. Sound is my one way ticket to truth.

Although in this instance I was listening to sounds that connect me to my motherland, the beauty of sounds is that they’re universal, explore different music + sounds. Let your soul guide you to what moves you. Different languages, genres…there’s worlds within worlds waiting to be explored. Music + sounds are understood on an energetic, spiritual, soul, intrinsic level. The frequencies unlocking wisdom stored within your DNA. What it does can’t always be explained with words and it doesn’t need to be, it’s felt. Feel it’s power, magic, medicine, healing. It’s ability to give you an out of body experience.

Tonight I floated on the Mediterranean Sea, danced on the desert sands + golden beaches. Felt the scorching hot sun on my olive skin as the aroma of olive leaves burning filled the air with smoke before it was evaporated by the sea breeze. All from my living room. How it began was with one glimpse of the crescent moon. When we allow our minds to wander without limitations, the heart takes over + the soul receives exactly what it needs. This is meditation!

As Peruvian Chuncho Cacao circulated through my body, off I went to the Middle East, as I danced on Wurundjeri Country. Deep gratitude for the Indigenous communities of all these lands, the ancient wisdom keepers. A few weeks ago in a virtual Cacao ceremony I shared that I felt I needed to merge all the places I’m physically, ancestrally + spiritually connected to. I didn’t know wtf that meant exactly + I still don’t know what that looks like in regards to what I offer, all I know is tonight was an initiation into another level of merging with reverence.

Like music, we continue to evolve, we have deep connections to places, spaces, people + practices. Via our ancestry, physical location, passions, soul callings. Some of it can be easily explained whilst some of it is a knowing that’s beyond words. Like sounds, a knowing is understood energetically, vibrationally.

Beyond words you feel who, what + where you need to gravitate towards. Sound has the power to speak your language without saying a word, it speaks to our souls. Tonight, this was the power of sound, meditation + kakao in action. A glimpse into why I’m so passionate about sharing all three, creating spaces for you to feel your truths is my jam.

Music: Avi Adir - Whirling, My Muse: Moon 🌙