Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the ways in which I’ve been led to doing what I do @ Rhythm Infused + although there are 1000’s of moments + people that’ve shaped my evolution over the years, I want to honour some of the teachers that have played a pivotal role in completely changing the direction of my life.

Millana initially entered my world via a podcast in 18’ + soon after I began partaking in virtual group energy healings she was facilitating. Interestingly it was the day after my first ever session with her that I quit my job with no guarantee what lay ahead but a whole lot of trust that that’s what my intuition was telling me to do.

Breathwork + energy healing practice with Millana was powerful and although I was noticing huge shifts within me, my practice was on + off. In hindsight, I can see that I wasn’t quite ready for the upgrades that her medicine was offering. If you’ve never experienced breathwork let me tell you in can get physically uncomfortable, the beauty of this practice when coupled with energy healing led by somebody you trust and vibe with is transformational. The physical + emotional release can be intense and the “unwanted or unpleasant” thoughts that pop up are exactly what needs your attention, on the other side of the discomfort comes massive breakthroughs, complete perspective shifts, a front row seat into the subconscious and the shattering of long standing beliefs that were never truths to begin with.

The practise can also be joy filled and peaceful, every time will be different depending on what is ready to surface and your mind state at any given moment. My story was more of the former which leads me to what I feel has been the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from Millana, TRANSMUTATION.

The power + potential within discomfort is like a pearl. The most valuable opportunities for growth in our lives hide in our pain points, resisting this is actually holding one back from their greatest potential. The parts of ourselves we don’t want to look at or thoughts we don’t want to acknowledge are generally directing us to exactly what we’re meant to guide others through or mirror to those closest to us.

Millana, thank you for gently yet powerfully demonstrating through your teachings, personal stories, businesses + life journey that it’s through the transmutation process that we continue to unlock our gifts, step further into our truth, and own all parts of ourselves as divine. Your non-dogmatic approach to energy healing + owning all that’s needed is within speaks to my soul. Thank you for reminding me and thousands of others that we are our healer + with a dedicated practice our transformation of self can be instantaneous. The expansion I’ve experienced practicing your teachings are mind blowing!

Grateful to have had the opportunity to study (forever learning) Integrative Energy Healing from you, and for you so generously sharing your wisdom with me so I’m able to offer breathwork + energy healing practices to others in my unique way.

📷 @millanasnow