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I’ve been thinking a lot about the different roles we all play in our lives and how “normal” it is for people to try to decompartmentalise. What’s also become clear as I’ve had so much solo time to self-reflect is how I’ve always been part of various worlds throughout my life which are like chalk + cheese. Different friendship groups growing up, work mates, party mates, fam, wellness + spiritual community, soul family etc. If they all came together it’d be pretty hilarious! There would be some “what fkn planet is that person from” commentary going on in people’s minds, I’m sure. Even though I have these stark contrasts in my life, I remain the same. Obviously the topics discussed will vary but who I am at the core is who you get, regardless of where I am or who’s around.

I love being adaptable and getting along with different people but there’s also times where it’s made me feel alone. What’s been happening globally in recent times is an example of that. Having people in my life that feel very strongly about one way of doing things and unable to see or respect the other. For the most part, I’ve been in the middle. Meaning I feel everything, I understand, have compassion, get frustrated + angry, judge + love. When I’m in a funk it feels like a curse, see all this division and just wanting everyone to get along. When my mind’s clear I realise that this one example is a reflection of how I’ve lived my whole life…being a part of various contrasting worlds + not necessarily feeling like I fully belong in any of them. Not ticking all the boxes of how I should be or behave in said group.

I’ve realised that I am never going to fit into a box in any group because I have various interests which potentially could seem contrasting but in actual fact that’s my personality. I genuinely love different groups of people that couldn’t feel further apart than one another. I also know there’s millions of others like me, we’re all multifaceted yet we spend our lives decompartmentalising or shying away from sharing some parts of ourselves with some people because they may think it’s weird, unacceptable, unprofessional etc.

My spiritual side is a part of me that I’ve shied away from expressing openly over the years. This person might think I’m too “woo woo”, they may think it’s weird if I talk about connecting with spirit or get into my thoughts on the Universe and death and all the other random shit that’s so normal to me. Then when it comes to working within the wellness world, I’ve faced off with not necessarily looking, acting, speaking, eating, living like one “should”. Fuck all the shoulds by the way!!! NOTHING gets in the way with my connection with source and being able to give my all when I have my facilitator hat on. I don’t subscribe to the bullshit stories so many self-professed woke people have about all the rules they need to follow to remain spiritual enough to do what they do.

If I choose to eat junk food or have a few drinks today, my intuition isn’t any less powerful tonight. If I live in the inner-city full of noise + pollution my intuition isn’t any less powerful than if I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees.

Lo and behold, what I’ve perceived as a negative most of my life is one of my gifts. Being able to live in any world (aka environment) I choose, being able to relate with anyone I choose, being able to really understand somebody no matter how different we seem. Feeling people’s souls, seeing beyond all the external crap we use to categorise.

I can never be pigeon-holed and neither should you! Since I started Rhythm Infused what I’ve always shared is how much I want people to have the space to connect within, to their hearts, to strengthen their connection to their intuition because this is the key. When you’ve got that and you trust it, layer by layer you let go of all the shoulds, become more comfortable being your messy undefinable, multi-faceted self, find a way to merge all your worlds and for it to feel so damn good.

This is living in your centre, this is living from your heart space, this is what meeting me in the middle is. Your middle is your truth, it can look totally different to the person beside you, yet where still together, co-existing and thriving. 🔥🔥🔥