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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the ways in which I’ve been led to doing what I do @ Rhythm Infused + although there are 1000’s of moments + people that’ve shaped my evolution over the years, I want to honour some of the teachers that have played a pivotal role in completely changing the direction of my life.

Mak, I’ve shared with you, friends, clients, on socials and with anyone that will listen how you and your heart-led entity KAKAO have transformed my life a billion times yet nothing I ever say or do can encapsulate all that you have taught and continue to teach me on the daily.

My soul contract with you is a biggie. You’re a teacher, friend, sister, mentor, biz partner, leader, boss, equal, guide, trigger, activator, motivator, muse…all of the things!

Through you as an individual as well as you welcoming ceremonial-grade Cacao/KAKAO into my heart, I’ve softened in ways I did not think possible.

When I feel into the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from Mak it’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Time and time again you show me through your way of being, living, running businesses and your relationships the true meaning of unconditional love.

No matter what, when people have done dirty by you or one of your entities, when people are projecting their fears or shit onto you, when people are insincere, greedy, disloyal, no matter what you somehow, someway always manage to infuse love back into the picture. Whether that be via one of your business ventures, an event, program, conversation, book or interview. You allow yourself to feel the density, don’t bypass, do the work and return to love, our truest essence.

You allow me to be my brutally honest self about anything that’s on my heart without ever shaming me for it, irrespective of whether you agree with me or not you listen and most importantly you still love. In a world where cancel culture is the norm and I am guilty of cancelling many over the years, what I repeatedly ask myself (inspired by you) is “how can I love more, how can I open my heart wider?”. When I’m faced with situations that the old me would have given up on or burnt bridges, I pause. Yes, sometimes things need to be expressed, sometimes things need to be public knowledge and sometimes it’s an opportunity to grow, adapt, transform without needing to say a word…to learn to open the heart once again.

Mak, you’re a fierce leader that I know will continue to get more bold and passionate in your power, yet your essence and greatest reflection you gift to me is the teaching of unconditional love. Thank you (+ KAKAO) for being this medicine for my heart.

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