Do you have a hunger for adventure + is one of the ways you fulfil that desire with travel?

One of the lessons the past year has taught me is that living a life of adventure is a state of mind.

Don’t think for a sec my love for travel has faded, that desire won’t stop. However, I’m learning to find adventure within four walls, 5kms, social bubbles, my imagination. Not because I’m succumbing to that being a forever reality, but because all we ever have is the present + as much as I enjoy to daydream + look forward to the future, if I get too caught up in the future I’ll miss the point, I’ll miss opportunities to be in the adventure of the moment + make the most of the only time any of us are ever guaranteed, now!

Regardless of your geographic location + current circumstances, if you are somebody who gets lit up by travel, how can you bring some of the experiences that you hold so dearly into your day?

I travel with the food I eat, music I listen to, media I watch (shout out to David Attenborough), photos, books. I travel with my imagination. I’ll set the intention when meditating to wander off to where my heart desires or when I’m going to sleep to visit somewhere or somebody in my dreams - I don’t always recall my dreams but I’m certain I’m having epic adventures nonetheless. 😆

I’ve always associated adventure with travel…like some may only associate success with $, we know this is BS in regards to true fulfilment. Yes we need $ but there needs to be purpose involved in earning that $ to be happy. Same applies to adventure, I’m always going to want to explore new destinations or revisit places + people I cherish. I’m also at peace knowing that adventure can be found in my mind state…I can look forward to a future getaway + be happy + fulfilled RIGHT NOW in the boundless ways imagination can bring adventure into what otherwise would be mundane. Changing our perspective can do wonders, harder for some I understand 💔, may this spark a perspective shift. ⚡️

📷 from ’11 cruise off the coast of Fethiye where bed was the boat deck, company was non stop LOLS, & the only thing on the agenda was floating…something I do intend on doing again. 😉