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I’ve said it hundreds of times and I’ll say it again, Rhythm Infused would not exist without this duo right here. Meditating and listening to the guidance received when connecting with Cacao and listening and receiving the wisdom shared by Makenzie.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be connected with Mak both indirectly and directly for a few years now and her sharing her learnings, witnessing how she does life and business (clue: it’s all the same), has been pivotal in my growth. This book right here, is the blueprint.

The title, although great 🙌🏽, does not do what Mak shares justice because it’s so much bigger than business. Every single facet of our lives, every single relationship, is an opportunity for growth if you’re open to perceiving it that way. What is learnt in business is applied in areas outside of it. What blocks, expansion and triggers come up in business are the same things that can come up outside of it. Everything is connected.

Whether you already have a business, thinking about starting one or even just want insight into what heart centred business looks like and how it can be one of your biggest opportunities for soul growth…this book is a must read. It will open your mind (and heart) in ways that cannot expressed in a post. It needs to be felt. If you’re open to completely letting go of everything we’ve been taught in school or told be society about how business is meant to operate to succeed, if you’re ready to completely shift your perception of either leading a business or working at an organisation that does things differently, this message is for you.

Mak, thank you for selflessly sharing all your highs and lows, all the ways in which you’ve needed to grow and learn in order to be able to be an example of How To Lead A Badass Business From Your Heart. Thank you for writing this book so others can know what’s possible and can apply what works for them. 💖