The recipe…a breathwork journey with a celestial playlist curated by yours truly.

I’ve been combining my breathwork practice with themed playlists in recent months and it’s been helping me go on a deeper journey. The inner exploration never ends and I’ve found that the more fun I make it, the easier the guidance flows.

Our body stores lifetimes of memories, ancestral wisdom and trauma. It’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m a firm believer that we will only ever see, hear or remember what we are ready to.

Seeing with your eyes closed, what visuals flash before you?

Hearing your inner voice, what’s been whispered to you?

Remembering what may or may not make any fucking sense.

Trusting, trusting, trusting. The more you practice, the easier you’re able to decipher what’s nonsense and what’s golden insight.

One of my biggest personal challenges is trying to explain the unexplainable to myself or others. There’s things I know at my core that I can’t even explain to myself let alone somebody else, those little whispers I get in meditation that I know to be true but can’t explain, today I let go of the need of trying to. Settling into a new way of being where knowing is enough to be at peace. It’s hard though, my ego always wanting the how, why, when. In this energy game we call life, the trick is to find the ways that you can tune out the mind chatter and tune into your soul self, the more time you spend listening and following that part of you, the more aligned your mind and body becomes and the joke is the realignement never ends either. It’s a lifelong adventure to live out your soul’s wishes, might as well make it enjoyable.

If you want to go on a journey with me, DM with any questions or follow the Cur(e)ated: A Breathwork Journey link in my bio to book.

Let’s vibe! ✨