The version of yourself you desire to be, already resides within. Your dreams that won’t let up are your soul’s way of telling you to listen and most importantly, act.

Now, I know there’ll be some that’ll say their dreams are unrealistic and will never happen. Firstly, that’s a shitty attitude to have, but in order to address the fact that “some” dreams don’t manifest the vital thing to take note of here is if it’s an ego dream or a soul dream?

Ego dreams = coming from your mind or wounded self.

Soul dreams = what you’re on the planet for.

If the dream is fuelled by your ego, there’s a chance it may not eventuate, and when they do, the happiness or feelings of fulfilment are short lived. They’re dreams you pull out of your butt cos you think they sound good, you’ve been conditioned to believe that’s what you “should” want…you get the drift.

Soul dreams on the other hand, can come true, 100% of them! They’re planted deep down in your heart, will look different for everyone and as they manifest, you’re brought into further alignment with your truest self. Who you came here to be. 

To continuously be able to tune into what the truest version of you is, you have to let shit go! Oftentimes, the hardest shit to let go of are the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves.

If you’ve been on a self-evolutionary journey for a while, you may have gotten better or even mastered letting go of relationships, places, jobs + other external factors that may not have been for your highest and best self. However, the deepest work is letting go of the stories in our head that hold us back. The deep-rooted stories you may or may not be conscious of. Stories you may have inherited, programmed into your subconscious at a young age, stories that have developed from life experiences, so engrained you potentially don’t even notice it playing out. Life continues to give you various life experiences to trigger those stories until you decide to scrap the story.

Last week, a number of instances brought up feelings of anger. When I started to question why I was having that reaction, initially I was still focussing on external factors.

Two examples below:

Person A: behaving in this way is disrespectful, rude, unprofessional.

Person B: behaving in this way is fake AF and misleading people.

When I continued to dive deeper, uncomfortably deeper. Countless memories popped up that have made me feel that type of way in the past, scenarios that at a glance don’t even appear to be connected yet they are. EVERYTHING is connected.

When I sat with the uncomfortableness of it all (instead of staying stuck in an ego state of anger). The two words to best describe what came up from both was.

Person A: unworthiness

Person B: injustice

Drill down further…

How am I still not fully valuing myself? 

Where am I holding back my voice?


Regardless of what another has said or done is besides the point. 

Every trigger is an opportunity to look within, every trigger is a reflection of something you need to heal, release or make peace with.


Amusingly, these completely separate situations intertwine and circle back to self-worth.

Do I value myself enough to speak up?

Do I value myself enough to have strong boundaries?

Do I value myself enough to own that my realness matters more than somebody else’s inauthenticity?

Do I value myself enough to acknowledge my perspective is needed?

Do I value myself enough to realise I can do a Beyoncé and turn lemons to lemonade?


My lemonade offering…a Get The Fk Out - Release Ritual


What is that? An easy ritual to banish stories that are holding you back from living your dreams. It’ll be free, subscribe for a copy.

In the meantime, if what I've shared is raising questions and triggers in you, GOOD start writing it all down!! You're gonna need it for the ritual cos you know what comes after the stale stories get out...Our Dreams. 



Image cred: @abdullah_evindar