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I’ve had a few full circle moments of late but last night takes the cake.

As I’ve shared previously, my meditation practice began with @manojdias_ and his teachings planted seeds that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have a class with him, you’d know he’s one of the most down to earth teachers you’ll come across, there’s a good chance he’ll make you laugh, feel at ease and the rest…well that’s up to where you’re willing to let your intuition take you.

When Manoj asked me if I’d play the gong to close the session for his one and only breathwork class in Aus, big deal!! In my eyes, putting this invite into music terms, it’d be like when Hov picked Ye’s beats for The Blueprint 😆

These spaces where we come together to be with our thoughts, feelings, discomfort, joy, tears or fears is the key. When you continue to show up and unpack what’s happening in your inner world, your external world changes for the better. Consistency is essential, oftentimes it’s the build up of the tiniest shifts in perspective that can only happen when you’re open and willing to give yourself the time out regularly with whatever modalities help you tune in.

Thank you Manoj, for inviting me to be a part of this special experience and allowing me to share the power of the gong.

Thank you to all the incredible people that showed up and @powerlivingmelbourne team for hosting! 🤍

Thank you to all the previous versions of myself that listened to the inner voice in meditation and followed through with what I heard even when it made no sense. I hope this acts as an invitation for you to reflect on all those moments in your life and to keep listening. One day, you’ll reflect on who you were today, celebrating the tiny changes you made, hutches you followed and risks you took that led to future thriving you. ♾