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Did you know that the notes of every instrument you hear during a sound bath is connected to an energy centre in your body (chakra), a specific element (earth, wind, fire, air, ether) and a specific planetary body?

Every frequency is connected to nature in multiple ways. When we are attuned with nature and her rhythms we feel more at ease.

Every sound wave audible or not is bringing your body back into balance. Back to your natural state.

Like anything, consistency is key. The more you practice (in this case practice = laying down and listening), the easier it gets to reach a state of equanimity + harmony within.

There’s nothing I love more than incorporating the power of sound into experiences that I facilitate because I know that regardless of where a persons mind may wander or how they choose to perceive the experience, the sounds are assisting the body in restoring itself to a inherent harmonic state by you simply choosing to be there. 😎

[Pictured is the bowl I use for the solar plexus. Hand made by Buddhist monks that recite mantas whist hammering them into form. Every bowl I have has been blessed by Lama Tender (Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre). I share this because I wholeheartedly believe that the energy of the tools used and intentions that go into every session matter. I’m certain that all the invisible energetics behind every session that people don’t see plays a key role in these experiences being as powerful as they are]. ☀️ #vibesdontlie