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Over the weekend myself and 50+ souls came together from all around the globe to connect heart to heart, in meditation and conversation over cups of KAKAO.

Three ceremonies, various timezones, one desire - to deepen our relationship with the Spirit of Cacao. A plant ally, I am eternally grateful entered my life a few years ago.

A wise, gentle, loving energy that truly does meet you where you’re at. Teaching you exactly what you need to learn & understand at the exact time that’s in alignment with your soul’s evolution, no sooner or later. Her teachings are endless, yet there is no rushing soul growth.

You can try to process her teachings with your mind all you want (trust me, this over-thinker has tried), it doesn't work. Lessons recreate themselves in the most creative ways for the mind to think it’s learning something new when in reality it’s another diversion, the mind is not where the learning is at!

So what does Cacao do? She’ll repeatedly bring you back to your heart until you grasp that there is no other way. She is heart medicine after all. To truly grow, learn, heal, humble yourself, receive wisdom, serve, become who you are meant to be, fulfil your soul's ultimate purpose in this lifetime…everything must be processed through the heart.

What a gift to be able to transform with cups of KAKAO, maybe that’s another one of her lessons, to remind us that within even the most bitter lessons we’re given, we can find the taste of sweetness if we choose. 💞 

Image cred: @allheartandjoy