33% discount will be applied at checkout on ALL physical products. Enjoy!


Hey fam, Aydin here! I’ve been taking this time in lockdown to reassess e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g Rhythm Infused offers and how I want to serve the community moving forward.

Some things will remain, some will change and some will no longer exist to make “energetic space” for BETTER. I want to direct my energy + focus towards only what lights my soul on fire with excitement because I know that channeling my gifts in that way will have the greatest positive impact on anyone who is drawn to connect with anything RI offers.

Although Rhythm Infused has her own energetic signature, she is an extension of me, I will be using this time to get very clear on what that looks like moving forward. As I evolve, so does Rhythm Infused!

The online store (crystals and body scrubs) will not be available in future. If you want to get your hands on any of these goodies a 33% discount will automatically be applied to all physical products at checkout, this will be the case until I close the shop so if you do want anything, enjoy this gift whilst available.

If you have pre-paid private sound healing or group sound meditation passes, you can still use these when in-person sessions are allowed.

If you have virtual Energy Healing + Breathwork sessions booked, these are going ahead as normal.

I’ll still be online so feel free to connect any time.

Excited for what the next chapter brings…I have so many crazy ideas floating in the ether time to bring that shit down to Earth. What came through in meditation today was “Create things that you LOVE, that EXCITE the absolute fk out of YOU! Don’t worry about who doesn’t “get it”. Create for the sake of creating, create what brings you joy and who is meant to receive the magic that you have to share will do so”.

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Can’t wait to see all your lovely faces soon. Until then, big hugs 🤗