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This afternoon I made my KAKAO and as I sat down to set my intention, before I even had a chance to feel into what it was, the tears started to pour as I sobbed like a baby. Ceremony isn’t always as pretty as this picture yet it’s beautiful nonetheless. I’ve shared many times how the spirit of Cacao meets you where you’re at, gives you just what you need and this is an example of that.

Today what was needed was release, energetic release in the form of tears. If I hadn’t sat down to dedicate time to connect within, to be in ceremony, to let my heart express what was present….that energy would have remained inside my body lowering my vibration.

What I mean by that is, it lingering without being witnessed could easily turn to anger, growing sadness or fear. All lower vibration feelings which are natural, needed and warranted at times, the issue is when we don’t address them and give them an outlet they often turn into something bigger. We need to give our emotions a chance to be healthily expressed, whether that be through tears, creations or however else your energy is channelled in that moment. Letting it out means those emotions aren’t left in the body to morph and multiply to a point where you’re unable to recognise what you’re feeling or why.

Do you remember the last time you cried? Do you let yourself cry? The next time you feel the tears rolling can you allow it to flow without holding back? It can be such a healthy much needed release. I always feel lighter after I’ve had a cry and I love it!

Unsure what to do after all the tears have come and gone? You could simply leave it at that or if you want to dig deeper, self-enquire. The more in tune you are with your emotions and self, the easier it’ll be to pick up what’s brought it on so you can direct your focus to what’s needing attention. Either way, don’t judge yourself. Tears are just one of the many ways our wise bodies release energy that’s better out than in, let it go!!! 🥲 #meditatetoelevate