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A regular meditation practice shifts how you think + respond to situations. It gives you space to unpack what’s floating about in your subconscious.

Sound meditation adds another layer of healing to the mix. Not only are you given a soundscape to wander off to but the sounds are physically shifting your frequency creating harmony within.

To have lasting change, you need consistancy. This is one of the reasons that moving forward my primary focus (for the sound healing branch of RI) is going to be 1 on 1 and private group sessions.

Although attending a sound bath once in while may feel great it’s not going to transform you in ways that regular practice will + I want to be available for people that are ready to go there! I want people to feel the positive effects of meditation practice overflowing into their day to day life.

Words we speak, to a certain extent don’t mean much. Our energy, actions + reactions are what paint a clearer picture of the truth behind the words. Meditating does not make us perfect but I promise that giving yourself the space to self-reflect, recharge, heal + take action on the intuitive nudges you receive will change your energy + in turn life. Little by little, who and what you attract into your life, what lessons are learnt, what opportunities arise, how you perceive things, all shifts.

What’s new?

💫 1 on 1, 8 week immersive experience tailored to you (will include in person sound healing, guidance + support throughout, tools to use outside of your sessions that’ll assist in implementing practices you can continue on and off the mat)
💫 Private group sessions (up to 5ppl). Group energetics are powerful! Why not cultivate good vibrations with friends, partners or fam? I’ve been told repeatedly that offering my sessions on different days would suit people better, realistically I can’t run public sessions everyday. This will enable you to get your group together + book a time that suits you ☺️