To truly connect with the spirit of Cacao, there needs to be an intention every time you sip.

No need to overcomplicate though, you can have the same intention repeatedly.

Some days I’ll have a very specific intention, more often than not it’s simple: to connect with my heart; hear my soul speak.

Sit or lay down for long enough that mind chatter fades + I’m faced with what’s on my heart. What’s repeatedly showing up in my thoughts or interactions. What’s currently got me feeling excited or sad. What am I daydreaming about. What visions appear with eyes closed. If I’m listening to or playing music, where are those sounds taking me. If I’m journalling, what’s landing on the page.

Our heart is always communicating with us. Everybody has the ability to receive these messages. If it doesn’t come to you naturally with a whole lotta ease, doesn’t mean that you’re incapable, means you need to give yourself more opportunities to hear. Nurture the relationship with your inner self as a top priority + your intuition will continue to give you messages + drop clues to guide you.

KAKAO has been one of the ways I’ve nurtured my relationship with my higher self over the years. I could write a book on all the realisations + epiphanies I’ve had with this plant ally but what I really want to make clear is not every ceremony is going to result in huge breakthroughs + if that’s the energy you approach your meditation practice with, chances are you’re not going to get it.

It’s by showing up for yourself daily, trusting + following through with what your intuition is telling you that these subtle ways in which your higher self communicates become breakthrough moments.

The spirit of Cacao is a heart expander if you let her be, the essence of what she represents is infused into every drop. Drink each cup with reverence + the layers of fog between you living, loving, being, serving, creating from the ultimate truth of your heart will continue to dissipate. Clarity is our natural state of being. 💎 #cacaoceremony