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As I slowly integrate back into the world after an 11 day virtual meditation/plant medicine retreat with Noya Rao, what’s on my heart to express is how the experience repeatedly gave me confirmation that our intuition should not be questioned. Oftentimes it’s by ourselves that the questioning occurs + that uncertainty resides in our cells causing disharmony within our bodies and our external reality.

I’ve always been intuitive, since taking my spiritual + meditation practices seriously it’s amplified in ways my mind can’t explain. The reason I share this is because our intuition is our greatest superpower + every person is given the gift of intuition. Regardless of how tuned in you are or think you’re not, every person has the ability to strengthen this gift and I promise you, it is the best thing you will ever do for your mental, emotional, physical + spiritual wellbeing.

It is your soul’s guidance system, it is always directing you to what if for your highest good and evolution even when life may not appear that way. How you choose to tap into your inner knowing is your personal choice, I share what works for me as it may resonate with you, if it doesn’t don’t take it on board. I share what I do because people often ask me how I know something or how my gut feels are so on point, it’s no secret, the BTS is…a constant recommitment to tuning in with what my inner knowing tells me and choosing to follow it even when it seems nuts, a constant recommitment to my daily practices + rituals. I say a constant recommit because sometimes I lose momentum or trust in the process and need to realign myself again. I also sometimes don’t follow my intuition or I do but get redirected in ways that seem too painful to have been for my “higher good”, it always is though, as it eventually leads me to a lesson that one day sparks another realisation that reiterates to either follow intuition next time or trust when it at that moment appears to be a shit show it later becomes a cleverly disguised blessing 😉
I trust my intuition like I trust the sun will rise tomorrow, following how + where my intuition guides me is a non-negotiable + I’m committed to infusing this level of knowing into my work. Whether we are face to face or over a screen. I know to my core that part of my purpose on this planet is to create experiences that invite people into exploring this depth of knowing within themselves. The practices I share are things that have first hand changed my life and world for the better, they’re tools that have strengthened my trust in the invisible and my inner knowing to the point where self doubt lasts for seconds instead of weeks. Why does this matter? Not allowing doubt and fear to stick around for too long is how you’re going to get better at following your inner knowing and doing that is EVERYTHING. Whether you choose to explore your inner world with sound meditation, connecting over a cup of kakao, incorporating crystals into your space, whether we have a conversation or however it is that our souls directly or indirectly interact with one another, everything I offer is with the intention that it ignites or deepens your connection with your intuition, ultimately leading to every aspect of your body, mind + life being in harmony. This is a fact.

I can’t wait to vibe with you in whichever way the universe has in store for us. 💫 

📷 taken this morning at my favourite travel destination of 2020, my bedroom floor.