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The teachings of the spirit realm can be activated in many ways, tattoos is one of them 🐍

Animal medicine is powerful. What they represent act as “messages”, some animal spirits are with us for life and others come and go as guides when we need their specific teaching at certain times in our lives.

Notice the animals that appear in your dreams, pop up in front of you, the animals you’re drawn to, the animals that may appear in your visions whilst meditating or daydreaming. Notice if an animal keeps reappearing in various ways- in your feed, shopfronts, artwork, oracle cards etc. This is one of the ways the spirit world communicates with you, if you’re open to receiving the messages, a lot can be learnt.

Get playful with it, what’s the animal spirit trying to remind you of? What aspect of that animal’s essence do you embody? Do you need to call on more of that energy to support you in something you’re currently working through? Is this energy out of balance or dormant within you? Is this energy connected to somebody or something else? Only you have the answers when you go within.

However this animal spirit is choosing to appear in your life, take it as a sign to explore, if you’re completely new to animal spirits and unsure what they mean, google can be a starting point. Luckily many years of dream interpretation and coffee cup readings in my fam have given me a foundation 😆 I also use books and oracle decks. If you want any reading reccos just ask. 🔥 #noticethesigns

Images below from “Medicine Cards by Jamie Sans & David Carson”