Oh hey! If we haven’t met IRL before, I’m the human behind Rhythm Infused, my name’s Aydin. I’ve got a soul contract with Rhythm Infused who has her own spiritual signature separate to me (I call her Ri for short 👯‍♀️). It was my sis Mak (Founder of KAKAO & Delighted By Desserts), who first opened my eyes to communicating with entities (aka businesses) in this way. Building a relationship by meditating, journalling and asking he/her for guidance.

Having this separation is what allows Ri to run the show, I do what’s in service to her vision. Meaning, I always ‘try’ to remove my own fears + projections outta the equation with the intention that decisions made are what’s best for the biz (not me). What’s best for the biz when operating in this way as you can imagine from what I’ve shared already isn’t at all about what’s going to generate the most $ or gain the most followers. Not that either of those things are “bad”, it’s just that’s never the basis for decisions.

I don’t say yes to every opportunity for the sake of exposure. I don’t have a content calendar for posting x number of times p.w. I don’t hire huge spaces to sell more tix. I don’t cut corners with quality or sell anything that I don’t use myself. Instead, I do what feels good + aligned based on soul guidance even if it goes against the norm.

Although, seeing myself as a human helper as apposed to this being MY biz is great for the most part. I’ve realised I’ve used this reason (or excuse) to hide out. I’m more than happy to not show my face on here but that means I’m not fully showing up in serving Ri and in turn all of you the best that I can.

Maybe some people want to get to know a lil about the crazy crystal lady behind the keyboard and in front of the gong. This is my “off-brand” boomerang declaration that you’ll be seeing more of me, sharing more of what I feel will add value to your life, meditation practice or just give you a better understanding of what goes on at Rhythm Infused HQ (Heart Quarters).
See you over at IG, not as glammed up 😆