The name Selenite was derived from Selene (Greek Goddess of the Moon) and means “moonlike glow”. Like the moon, Selenite enhances intuition and has immense cleansing power. 

A versatile must have in anyone’s crystal collection. 

Here’s some uses and ways in which to incorporate Selenite into your life. 

1. Peaceful Sleep

Selenite surrounds your space with heavenly light and protects your environment from negative or outside influence making it a perfect accompaniment for reaching tranquility. 

Place under your pillow or mattress and sink into a pleasant dream state.

2. Clear Your Energy Field

Hold the Selenite in one hand parallel to the ground and with a comb like motion move it down your body from head to toe working around all sides of your body. As you’re doing so, visualize that the Selenite is filling your auric field with pure white light and any unwanted energy within is being dissipated by the white light. Repeat this combing process until you feel clear.  

**Clearing your energy field can be as quick as a couple minutes and is enormously helpful if you feel like you’ve got stagnant energy to be released, or other people’s energy has ‘stuck onto you’ throughout your day. Incorporating this simple practice into your life is a game changer! 

 3. Meditation 

Lay down, place the Selenite down the middle of your chest and imagine the wand radiating, filling your entire body with white light, clarity and calmness. As you continue to breathe deeply, imagine the light expanding to your surroundings. 

If you prefer to be sitting up, you can hold two Selenite wands in your hands or place them on both sides of your body and visualize a protective shield of light around you.

4. Charge + Cleanse Other Crystals 

Selenite can be used to amplify the healing properties of other crystals. Set your desired intention and place the other crystals on the flattest side of the wand.

5. Space Clearing 

Place Selenite on a windowsill or in the corner of rooms to create a protective shield around your home and to maintain a positive high vibrational environment.

Remember, it’s all about intention. Voice what you desire, treat your crystals with care and respect and I assure you, they’re working their magic.